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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My trip to Science Centre

hello humans!!

today happy sia...cos we all the sec 1s gt to go to the sci center then is like very fun...when we gt there we have to find sum info to fill up empty blanks in the booklet then when it started my grp ppl started to chiong then is like we miss the first part...then we go find clues lor...then they find sooo fast we still hve time to play sooo we went to the kenitic garden(ker-neck-tic)( ok maby nt all the members of the grp cos sum ran away to explor on their own...cos we too rushing i think...) then theres this 2 giant satalite dish then i go one of them then my friend go the other...then when i shout into the dish the sound can actually be heard at the other side!! sooo cool lor! then very tired soo i go hm then now typing....ok la bbyes!!!


from timothy...hi

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Chruch Buddies...

ellos pple!!!

this post is here to apologise for not posting for such a long time...anyways today im here to share wif you my buddies....there are bout 5/4 groups of ppl in my life today im here to tell you that..:1. God(hey im a christian...no offence) 2. Family(they are the best!! in 2nd) 3. buddies!!( they include church buddies and sch best friends...they are the same actually) 4. Friends/teachers(these guys are like jus okok releation ships like jus normal friends...bonding nt too strong...and teachers are good too you noe? they don jus scold...they care!) 5. Strangers(why you may ask to put this group of ppl in my life? cos as i christian...i will care and love all the ppl in the world even if they are ugly or whatever...) so there you hve it!! cheers!!

From Timo choo(hi)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Labour Day!!! yays!!!

hi pple!

today is Labour day! hmm...actuaually a donno y they called it that way...anyways im bored today cos no sch then gt loads of hw...then is like very cooped up at hm!! HOW I WISH SUN WILL CUM FASTER!!! then today is also a public hols! then my chairman go to HK for fun i think then this morning i wake up like bout 8++ then MSN no ppl...so go study till bout 11 then now is blogging...then my mum say wan to bring me to rleltive house to play or smthing...i stilll thinking la cos i wan to stay hm do hw(cos exam cuming nxt week) then is like last min crush all the study into my brain( think: gt math,sci,history,eng,homecon,chinese,P.E. and more )soo i guess today is really a break for the examinations...kays! all the best for exams ppl!Jia you!!

From Timo

Monday, April 27, 2009

HI ppl!!! NIce to see ya!!

hi ppl!

today at sch was great! Bt i think i had nt been at my best attitude...maby the worse....i nid to improve nt deprove...today go sch...then gt the usual homecon-we don hve cook liao cos the exams cuming then the courswork also fin liao..a bit sad.. then gt the chinese-say bout how to keep the earth clean or smthing...then must like new words..then like learn before bt forget liao...then hve eng-most fun one cos gt play a game...the class divided into many groups then we hve to make up new games(must hve new words inside...) then after sch go vote class-T then the black and pink win!!(actually i don perfer pink bt no choice...majority wins!)then go do the history thingy till 3.30 then my friends pull me go buy some kind of gift for her bro(is juz a tube of chocolate and it took 1/2hr!!!! ok nvm i will nt mind..)soo thats today! I really looking forword to the dance tml!!! oh boy!!!

From timothy

Friday, April 24, 2009

Church SFY dance!!!

hey pples!!

actually i wan to tell u ppl that there will be a dance by my church(that means i will be in it!) it will be publish in CDs(wows!!) bt the purpose is for the songs nt the dance...bt the dance is also nice!!(seriously nice!! can show to u ppl one day!!)i jus wanna invite u ppl to my church that day...i think is May smthing....sry...memory nt so strong! I hope u ppl can cum...cos is far..is at QUEENSTOWN!!! ok nt like telling u to go frm China to India or smthing bt if u really cannot cum then nvm lor!! thnks though for reading!

From Timotee

Thursday, April 16, 2009

my church friends!!

here are sum more pics by Denise!!!

By My friends!

hello my friends!

i have this picture that is drawn by Denise. Kinda cute but Im the only boy again in the pic! ( apart frm Jesus!!lol) anyways i do hope this pic will remind us to be with God for He wil lead us to the eternal life...thanks!

From Timothy! Signing Off!!..